Rob Allen

Since 1982, the name of Rob Allen has spread around the world to become synonymous with spearfishing and freediving. There’s a real sense of affection with which veteran spearos speak of their ‘Rob Allens’, and, much like other brands such as Biller, there’s a pretty good chance that if you’ve been spearfishing for any length of time, you’ve either owned one or you’re still using one today.

The appeal of these guns lies in their strength, simplicity, and ability to withstand most water conditions.

Rob gained a wealth of experience of diving and underwater hunting off the coast of Durban, South Africa, where his company is based and from where it manufactures gear that is now transported to around 40 countries worldwide. He spent many of his younger days buzzing up and down the coast and freediving, leaping in the water to hunt whenever the opportunity arose. Like some of the other great names in the sport, he found that the equipment just wasn’t up to scratch, so he did something about it and started tweaking the guns to make improvements and then to actually make his own. But it isn’t just about spearguns. Rob and his company recognized the need for good quality gear of all kinds, and this is catered for in the extensive range of items:

  • Masks, Fins & Snorkels
  • Gun & Belt Reels
  • Wetsuits
  • Bags
  • Floats
  • Accessories (torches, spears, bungees, knives, float lines etc.)

If you need anything, they pretty much have it covered!

One of the most impressive things about this company – aside from the massive selection of gear – is the types of spearguns it produces. The website splits into easily searchable groups; basic, aluminum, carbon, and roller. Within each category, you’ll find a selection of options. All of this means that there’s a gun for you, whatever level you’re at, the conditions or environment in which you prefer to dive and hunt, or whichever prey you’re after.

As an example of Rob Allen’s dedication to providing high-quality gear, take the Aluminum Tuna Railgun. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this superb weapon offers an alternative to bulkier wooden guns. The ‘rail’, which is incorporated into the barrel, strengthens it and allows for a longer length (some say that Rob first came up with the idea). This means that you can fit longer rubbers, which make the gun extremely powerful without compromising on accuracy. Just a word of warning; some novices may find the pure power a little daunting at first! But, when you become used to this, it’s the perfect weapon. Some people point out that certain models make a touch more noise than other guns. but the company has thrown years of knowledge and experience into eliminating the ‘click’ that scares fish away. The latest models carry a ‘vecta 2’ trigger, which took three years of research to perfect. The result is a robust but smooth trigger action that won’t fail you when you need it.

Streamlined, tough as nails, astonishingly powerful, deadly accurate – this sums up Rob Allen spearguns perfectly.