Most people connected with the sport of spearfishing have a passion for the water. Our oceans, lakes and rivers have a special place in our hearts and we recognize the importance of looking after these fragile environments. Omer takes this a step further, incorporating a proactive policy of positive action into its company ethos. It initiated a ‘hashtag’ to raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution – #omeragainstplastic – after a group of athletes at a rally fished out a whole load of plastic whilst in the water. This lead to a gradual program of making the company ‘greener’, including the introduction of recycled packaging.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that these are a company worth exploring, then take a look at its spearfishing gear. Omer has evolved its products since being established in the 1970s (and continues to do so) with the help of athletes across the world who provide them with feedback. This wealth of knowledge and experience from all kinds of ocean and lake environments helps Omer to make any improvements to its already comprehensive range of equipment. All of its gear is manufactured in Italy (and some in China) before being transported to 56 different hubs across 5 continents.

Using the advice and feedback, Omer has created a good range of spearguns, masks, knives, dive computers, wetsuits, flashlights – in fact, everything a spearo could need. They are a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your spearfishing needs.

As for the guns themselves, they are available in three materials; teak, aluminum, and carbon fiber. To get a better idea, let’s look at one of each.

To be honest, it’s difficult to choose between them! As always, your own personal taste will dictate which you go for, as will the setting in which you use it. One factor might be the price, and here’s where you might be pleasantly surprised, as most of the range is pretty affordable, even for the newbie spearo who doesn’t want to pay out too much just yet.

One fact that might sway you is that Omer’s founder, Valerio Grassi, gained his experience at the Beretta Company, world-renowned gun makers. With his specialist knowledge in ballistics. you just know that these weapons are going to be something special.

Finally, Omer’s mission is to “Inspire people to enjoy water exploration”, a policy that has kept them at the top for many decades.