In 2007, John Ippolito was a man on a mission. A dedicated spearfisher, he always wanted to get more out of his guns – more range, accuracy, and power. He became obsessed with the idea of doing it himself, spending hours at a time crafting, tweaking, experimenting until he had a gun he was happy with. Once this was achieved, he needed to refine its look, driven by his background in art & design. With the aid of a master wood crafter (Ron Doelman) he managed to produce a finished article to be proud of, and Koah Spearguns was born.

Ippolito has built a brand to be proud of and which still produces excellent quality guns from its base in Florida. This pride is evident from the Koah website, where each stage of the manufacturing process is detailed, from the selection of the highest-grade lumber through to the finish sanding, ballasting, and coating.

These spearguns don’t just look pretty, though they are beautiful machines. The Koah logo says ‘Deadly Accurate‘, and this sums them up perfectly.

Accuracy is John Ippolito’s main focus, with balance and power following close behind. He wanted a gun that was easy to track and which delivered a consistent, deadly shot every time.

A handful of expert craftsman builds each gun, focusing on every detail. Each aspect of the design has a reason – other than to make it just look great.

The founder is so confident in his creations that he offers a 100% refund on any custom made gun if you’re not happy.

Koah also offers a range of accessories, such as gun bags/cases, spear tips, upgrades, knives, socks, and even apparel. But it’s the spearguns that always grab the attention. There’s a good selection available to cover a variety of environments and prey, each one designed to John Ippolito’s exacting standards. They are broadly divided into three categories:

  • Reef Spearguns
  • Reef/Bluewater Spearguns
  • Bluewater Spearguns

Within these groups, you can find a gun suited to your needs, whatever they may be. And it seems that Koah has thought of everything. Take the smallest speargun, for example, called ‘The Shortie’, designed for those tight squeezes where you need all the maneuverability you can get. They refer to it as the ‘pistol of spearguns’, coming in sizes from 28 to 38 inches. To get maximum power from the two 5/8 bands, the trigger and handle are placed at the furthest possible placement point. At the other end of the range is the ‘Twin-R series’ Bluewater speargun. Through ingenious design (and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears!) Koah has produced a masterpiece with insane power but with the kick of a pellet gun. As they say themselves, this is the ‘ultimate in bluewater hunting’.

You’d think that all this would mean seriously high prices. But in fact, much of the range is reasonably affordable – especially when you consider the design and craftsmanship involved. And remember, this is an investment. With regular maintenance and servicing (which Koah offers) it will serve you for a good few years.