When you join the world of spearfishing, one thing you’ll notice straight away is the sense of community. Wherever you may be based around the globe, spearos are always ready to give a helping hand or offer advice, no matter who they are or how experienced. And this even applies to speargun manufacturers, like Mike ‘Hatch’ Hatcher.

From his base in Oahu, Hawaii, Mike has put over twenty years of experience into creating some superb spearguns, as well as offering a range of practical spearfishing gear, such as wetsuits, masks, snorkels and fins. But owning and running a business hasn’t made him aloof and out of reach in any way. Far from it, in fact; if you want to chat about a product, or you need advice, you might just get to speak to the boss, as Mike has been known to jump right in and handle the calls and emails himself. How many other businesses would offer this level of service?

But what about the spearguns he produces? Well, like all good speargun manufacturers, he took a good look at what was out there and took the best elements to put into his own designs. This enabled him and his team to make top-quality guns that are deceptively simple-looking, but with devastating accuracy. Some spearos have described it as ‘laser accuracy’, even allowing relatively inexperienced spearfishers to come home with a good haul.

Hatch spearguns recognize the benefit of a streamlined wooden stock, for which they use 100% teak. The enclosed track (on most of the models) makes for easier loading and increased accuracy, but what surprises most people when they first fire one of these weapons is how little recoil there is.

In another example of the spirit of cooperation within the spearfishing fraternity, Hatch spearguns got together with Jerry Guerra, co-owner of Spearfishing Solutions and Neptonics (which makes a massive range of freediving and spearfishing gear) to produce the Amero.

This superb gun combines years of knowledge and experience to deliver a truly remarkable weapon. The slimline look and lightweight feel of the wooden stock – particularly in a longer gun, like the 60-inch model – might fool you into believing that the recoil would be significant. You might think that tracking and aiming would be a problem too, especially as the trigger is rear-mounted. On all accounts, you would be proved wrong. The ‘kick’ is minimal and the gun is a joy to handle in the water. And as mentioned previously, accuracy is spot on.

On the spearo forums, the Amero comes across as a real favorite, and it’s easy to see why. Although, as always, personal preference plays a big part, many US spearfishers view Hatch (and Amero in particular) as being superior to the ‘Euro’ style guns. What they love most of all is the versatility; the Amero can be used in reef or bluewater environments as well as having a variety of interchangeable shafts and band options.

With products like this, Hatch is sure to command respect for many years to come.