When you think about spearfishing, it’s likely that certain locations spring to mind. Among them will be the Florida coasts, California, Bali, and a whole load of exotic places. But one that will almost definitely be in the top three, if not at the very top, is Hawaii. It’s like those islands were just made for the sport, which automatically lends an air of trust and respect to any spearfishing company based there.

Hammerhead is one of these companies, and they have built their brand on the fact that they live the spearo lifestyle. It isn’t enough to just design and build the gear. They dive, hunt, make films, and get involved with the community. And they put all this experience into producing better products that are on the cutting-edge of spearfishing technology. The Hammerhead mission is simple; Live to spear. Spear to eat.

Founder Kevin Sakuda began by crafting his own weapons at his kitchen sink. He spent his youth diving, fishing, and harvesting the marine life of the Hawaiian shores. And he gained an understanding of the need for sustainable fishing. He also realized that to succeed as a commercial spearfisherman he would need the best equipment. He and his colleagues found that the traditional spearguns were noisy and inefficient, so they made their own modifications. To cut the story short, Kevin went from developing and molding his own muzzle ‘mods’ in 2002, to running a successful spearfishing company, Hammerhead Muzzles, in 2004. It is now a ‘vertically integrated’ company and all parts are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Kevin’s success came from the realization that spearguns needed to evolve. Initially, he focused on the muzzle, creating his trademark open muzzle with elevator bar wings. In 2008 the operation was expanded and moved to larger premises, becoming Hammerhead Spearguns.

The theme of evolution is central to the range of gear produced by Kevin and the team, as seen in the Evolution 2 speargun. This beauty is a masterpiece of simplicity in design and expertise in engineering. The barrel is made from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum with an integrated shaft guide, and the open muzzle helps to give a clean line of sight. A reverse trigger mechanism actually increases the band stretch to gain more power. The safety catch is ambidextrous, allowing you to operate it from either side. A strong pistol grip helps you to maintain command over the weapon.

And best of all, according to reviews it is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced spearos. Recoil and noise have been minimized, and the gun has been nicely ballasted for neutrality. All in all, it’s a great speargun, and this has been recognized by Hawaii Skin Diver and Spearing Magazines who named it ‘The most accurate speargun in America’.

This is a remarkable achievement for a brand that started life in a kitchen sink! Hammerhead’s expertise extends to a full range of spearfishing gear, and you can buy with confidence in the knowledge that the same level of care has been put into each item.