The Best Fishing Apps (2021 Edition)

By David Fialkoff •  Updated: 12/14/20 •  6 min read

In the past few years, fishing has become much easier with the use of technology to help you catch fish. This technology comes in the form of applications for your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. There are many different types of fishing apps out there today that provide information on fish activity, tides, moon cycles, and much more. In this article, we’re breaking down the seven best fishing apps that are designed to help you catch more fish today.

1. FishAngler

FishAngler is among the best fishing apps you can use today. Its design focuses on four essential functions: to provide a virtual community and a platform that you can use to connect and communicate with fishers globally, weather forecasts (up to 7 days marine weather forecast), logbook functionality (has almost 50 catch features that are well detailed for keeping conditions and catches records.



2. Fishidy

This app is a mobile fishing application that provides users with a waterway database of over 180,000 saltwater bodies and over 20,000 freshwater bodies. It matches up these water bodies with their fishing and weather forecasting, tracking activities of other anglers in the water, and catch-logging.

It has a premium version that provides over 27,000 hotspots that are accurately marked, underwater structure identification, and bathymetric mapping. Fishidy also offers a fishing map, a US satellite overlay that you can zoom in and focus on the specific area you are fishing. The app also provides identification information and pictures of the common species located in the waterways.




ANGLR is a fishing app that helps a fisherman log and keeps your fishing information and records. Fishing information is precious and can assist you in your future fishing expeditions. It is a highly automated mobile application.

When you want to begin your fishing activities, press start on the application. The app will capture and record information such as water conditions like water flow and water temperature (through USGS gauges), GPS route, and weather conditions like air temperature and cloud cover. It gives you the option to add data like photos and records of your catch to your database. You can also keep track of the performance of specific baits and lures.

4. Fishbrain

This app is among the best and common fishing apps available today. It provides the largest social network for anglers with about nine-million active users. The FishBrain app provides you with hotspots updates and the latest fishing trends near you, an in-built tool that recognizes species, fishing forecasts, connects you and allows you to interact with other anglers from around the globe.

The FishBrain app has a Premium version that crunches real-time global fishing data to recommend top baits and lures accurately, offers you access to crowdsourced bathymetric data, and unlocks additional hotspots.

The app’s basic version is free, but you will have to pay $5.99 per month to access the Premium version.



5. iAngler

It is one of the most common fishing apps among fishers. The iAngler Tournament backs the app. If you are a great fan of tournament fishing, there are high chances that you might end up using this mobile fishing application. You can collect your catch data on this fishing application, save it, and later use it for scientific purposes.

The app aims to help anglers assess their stock by knowing what, where, and when they caught their catch. It also allows one to determine habitat restoration effects and understand our fisheries better in a scientific way.



6. FishTrack

FishTrack is a mobile fishing application that is ideal for people seeking deep-sea sportfish. It has chlorophyll charts and sea surface temperature, bathymetric data, weather predictions, moon phase, and current and tide info. Unlike most mobile fishing apps, FishTrack enables the user to save imagery to view charts when you are offshore and beyond cell service.

Its premium version has enhanced nav abilities, current satellite imagery, among other features.

7. Deeper Smart Sonar

It is one of the best mobile fishing applications for Apple and Android users. A Deeper Sonar greatly compliments this fishing application. The app offers you access to a fishing log, weather forecasts, maps, and a solunar calendar.

You can also collect and save valuable fishing information on the app’s fishing report for reference later on, such as the location, time, and weather conditions at the time of the catch. The app offers you an easy way of keeping track of your records, catches, and information on your management to land the catch through its fishing journal.

For users who have a Deeper Sonar, you have an added advantage. It turns your smartphone into a sonar display and shows you data regarding temperature, depth, underwater vegetation and structure, and fish location. It automatically saves all records of the sonar readings.

Once analyzed, the sonar readings obtained from using the Deeper Sonar and the application can provide you with valuable information on underwater layout, fish behavior, and location.




Each of these fishing apps provides something a little different and we recommend that you try each one to see which is the best fit for fishing in your region.

Feel free to let us know about your favorite fishing apps in the comments!

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