Pole Spear Spearfishing

By David Fialkoff •  Updated: 12/08/20 •  3 min read

Spearfishing is a unique primal alternative to fishing that allows you to hunt fish underwater. One of the most popular tools for spearfishing is the pole spear. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pole spears and prepare you for your first time diving with it.

What Is A Pole Spear?

Put simply, a pole spear is a spear with a long pole at the hand. The tool is used to shoot fish underwater when freediving. The tool itself is not overly complicated, and usually comprised of just three main parts, including:

The pole and the spear may come in all different sizes depending on the needs and comfort level of the individual, and may also be made of varying materials for different strengths.

Some of the bests pole spears are made using carbon fiber, which means that they can be incredibly strong, yet incredibly light. This means that you can easily maneuver your pole spear while still feeling confident that it will have the strength needed to hit your fish and withstand the force of the water.

How Does A Pole Spear Work?

Though it may seem a bit complicated at first, these tools really aren’t all that difficult to figure out. It’s a simple machine, with the rubber loop providing the force that will propel the spear towards (and hopefully through) the fish. You can think of the pole spear as being slightly similar to the slingshot… but much more deadly!

The main battle when using a pole spear is getting close enough to the fish. The longer the length of your spear, the longer your range will be. However, beginners should keep in mind that longer spears are also a little bit harder to control.

Your rubber loop will be attached to the pole spear and should be held at the other end by your thumb. You will let go of the rubber loop, and the tension will rocket the spear in the direction you guide it as soon as your catch comes into range.

It’s ideal to be as close as possible to the fish before you launch your pole spear, with most spear lengths working best within the 5-foot range. The tactics you choose to get close enough to the fish for a good shot are up to you, with many spearos wearing camouflage wetsuits and sneaking around to try and trick their catch.

What Size Pole Spear Should I Get?

You will most commonly find pole spears being sold in lengths from 5 to 7 feet, and these are going to be the easiest to use for beginners to acclimate themselves to. Remember, the shorter the spear, the easier it will be to control, but the smaller it’s range will be when it comes time to launch it at a fish. For beginners, it’s optimal to try and find a balance between functionality and ease-of-use.

Besides the length of the spear, you should also consider the weight. The weight of the spear will be largely dependent on the material the spear is constructed from. Pole spears are generally made with materials such as carbon fiber, which are incredibly light yet strong. Carbon fiber pole spears are going to be the strongest, lightest, and most durable on the market.

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